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Companionionship and help at home for older people


About me

​I graduated from the University of Reading in 1985 with a BA (Hons) in Geography and then worked as a researcher in the marketing and branding industry for more than thirty years. Having been employed by several big agencies in London for most of my career, I started freelancing about eight years ago. However, more recently I have been seeking a change of direction and lifestyle  - looking to do something with my time that is more local and more fulfilling, and hopefully, will also help to improve the lives of others


​I am a listening volunteer for the Samaritans in Guildford, as well as a driver for the Horsley Wheel of Care (a local charity which helps elderly residents in the village get around). This voluntary work has helped me understand the loneliness and difficulties faced by many older people who still live in their own homes. I often talk to people who feel isolated or unsupported, and have occasionally heard horror stories of people cutting themselves or getting stuck in the bath and having to wait alone for several hours for help from the emergency services because they have no-one local they can call on. So, my aim is not only to provide companionship and lifestyle services, but to respond in urgent situations - and this is only possible if I am truly local to my clients


I have a registered 'therapy' dog called Jazz. She is a beautiful, calm, mature girl, who passed her assessment with the charity Pets As Therapy in 2013 when she was three years old. She is now registered with another charity, Canine Concern. Together, we have visited a local care home for the elderly, and more recently, The Raleigh School in West Horsley, where she listened to 'reluctant readers' in Years 5 and 6 read to her. Jazz would be delighted to join us if you would enjoy the company of a canine friend

I am well-travelled, and am interested in current affairs. At home, I enjoy baking (especially cupcakes for special celebrations) and making jams and jellies from fruit I forage from our local hedgerows. I am passionate about the natural world – Sir David Attenborough is my lifetime hero – and am always inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us. I am a keen amateur photographer, and take pictures of everything that takes my interest, from the beautiful orchids at Sheepleas, to our stunning local landscapes, and even fungi and frost patterns!

​My charity work means that I always have an up-to-date DBS check


In addition, I have:

  • a clean driving licence

  • public liability insurance of up to £1 million

  • basic First Aid training from St John Ambulance

Trusted Companions, Sarah Relf
Trusted Companions, Sarah Relf
Trusted Companions, Sarah Relf
Trusted Companions, Sarah Relf
Trusted Companions, Sarah Relf
Trusted Companions, Therapy Do

Reliable     Caring     Compassionate     Empathetic     Trustworthy     Practical     Intelligent

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