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Companionionship and help at home for older people

How it works

I would initially make a free visit you in your home  - with your family members present if you wish  - to discuss your requirements.

I believe flexibility is key, so there are no formal contracts, just an understanding that I will fulfil the arrangements that we agree, and that you will pay for them

If your needs change, we’ll talk about them and how I can help meet them

What it costs

It is entirely up to you to decide how frequently you want my services – a regular arrangement might be easiest to manage for both of us, but I am happy with a more ad-hoc approach if that suits you better

I charge a flat rate of £21.00 per hour (for a minimum of 1 hour)

This rate apply Monday to Friday, 10.00am to 5.00pm, but I am happy to discuss other hours and rates if required

Journeys in my car will incur an additional charge at the HMRC rate of 45p per mile

Any other expenses for trips away from your home will also be charged

Payments to be paid as agreed, either weekly, monthly or at the end of each visit, by electronic transfer via internet banking, cash or cheque

Clients should provide a minimum 3 days notice for cancellations or you may be charged at the standard rate (although this is discretionary and will be dependent on the circumstances of your cancellation). I reserve the right to cancel at any time (although this would only be in an emergency situation and I would always let you know as far in advance as possible)

If payment is to be made by someone else, please let me know

Trusted Companions, East Horsley
Trusted Companions, Ripley, Surrey
Trusted Companions, Sarah Relf
Trusted Companions, Theray Dog
Trusted Companions, East Horsley
Trusted Companions Frost

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